With dentists from New Zealand & Ireland clear communication is not an issue

It´s important to be able to communicate easily with your dentist. At R&H Dental Clinic we have dentists from New Zealand and Ireland who you´ll have no problems understanding, and they´ll understand you fully too! Together you´ll be able to understand better your dental health needs, and how you can achieve them. To get to know our dental professionals better, … Read More

The Secrets of Great Root Canal Treatments

Have you ever had a root canal treatment that you spent time and money on, only to find that it failed? Well that´s because infected root canals are very unforgiving and have to be done perfectly in order for them to work. Recently we´ve extended the sections of our website dedicated to Root Canal Treatments, and as part of our … Read More

Immediate Replacement of Teeth with Dental Implants

A question we often get asked at R&H Clinica Dental is whether or not someone with teeth that are are painful or in need of extraction can be replaced with dental implants immediately? The so called ´snap on smile´? Here´s a basic run down of when we can immediately load your implants (i.e. make straight away the crowns which go … Read More

Dental Implants in Marbella for United Kingdom and Irish Residents

At R&H Clinica Dental we have recently started treating a large number of patients from the United Kingdom and Ireland who are down here for only a short-time basis, or who fly down specifically to see us.  Most have been referred to us by their English and Irish friends who have been impressed by the standard of dental care we … Read More

Why Choose a Dental Clinic with a 3D X-Ray Machine? Part Two: Dental Implants

The most important phase in restoring a mouth using dental implants is the diagnosis and planning phase.  An incorrect diagnosis can lead to poorly positioned dental implants, potential loss of implants placed, as well as major safety issues, including permanent lip paralysis. Most dental clinics have a 2D full mouth x-ray machine, and this will tell you the approximate size … Read More

What are the Benefits of Invisible Orthodontics, like Incognito or Invisalign?

At R&H Clinica Dental currently over half our orthodontic patients have chosen ‘Invisible’ Orthodontics, over Conventional Braces! Because our on-site Specialist Orthodontist is treating so many cases of Invisible Orthodontics that makes him the foremost expert to see in Marbella if you are considering getting invisible braces. Incognito Invisible Orthodontics, Available at our Dental Clinic in Marbella: So, what are the advantages of Invisible … Read More

Why Choose a Dental Clinic with a 3D X-Ray Machine? Part 1: Wisdom Teeth Removal

A 3D X-ray machine is a significant investment for a dental clinic to make, and in the Marbella region there are only a couple of dental clinics with one.  So why did we choose to buy such an advanced machine? Well, simply put, humans are not 2-Dimensional! For this reason, knowing the 3D relation of important nerves, blood vessels, sinuses, … Read More