Dental Implants in Marbella for United Kingdom and Irish Residents


At R&H Clinica Dental we have recently started treating a large number of patients from the United Kingdom and Ireland who are down here for only a short-time basis, or who fly down specifically to see us.  Most have been referred to us by their English and Irish friends who have been impressed by the standard of dental care we offer, and at considerably cheaper prices than one would pay in the England, Ireland or elsewhere in Northern Europe.

So if you’re thinking about getting your dental work done in Marbella, here’s what you can expect, and a timelines of how long it can all take:

The first thing to do is to arrange a free consultation and dental exam with one of our specialist dentists, so that we can see what it is that you need done, and also what your needs and desires are? If all you need are a couple of fillings, and a good deep cleaning, then this can all be done in a couple of days, during your holiday.  If however you need a full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants and expert crown and bridge work, then we will need more visits.  Here’s what to expect:

The different parts of a tooth restored with an implant: titanium dental implant, dental abutment, and porcelain dental crown:


1. If you need to have one or many dental implants, generally once we’ve surgically placed your implant we have to wait 3 months before we can take the final impression to put your porcelain crown on top.  If we extract a hopeless tooth, and it doesn’t have an infection around its roots, then we can place your implant on the same day.

Dental Implant with Porcelain Dental Crown on top:


2. If however you have an infection in your bone, or we need to do something extra like a ‘sinus lift’ (adding bone to the base of your sinus so you can fit dental implants after years of bone loss) or ‘bone augmentation’ (building bone), then after we’ve extracted your tooth/teeth we may need to first wait 3-4 months before we can do your implant surgery.

3. If your implants are in a visible area, you may need a temporary bridge, or something else to fill the gap until we make your final crown/bridge on top.  We have a range of options, and you won’t have to go without teeth while you are waiting for your implants to be ready to receive their crown/bridge on top.

‘Healing abutment’ on a Dental Implant while we wait 3 months for the Dental Implant to ‘osseointegrate’ (or fuse permanently with your jaw bone):


4. Once your dental implants are in your mouth, we need to wait for them to ‘osseointegrate’ (fuse permanently to your jaw bone), and only then can we add your final fixed prosthesis (crown/bridge) .  Normally a professional dental laboratory takes between 1-2 weeks to make your dental crown or bridge, but if we plan it ahead of time, we can arrange for the lab to prioritise your case and have it ready in under a week, so you can fly back home earlier if you so wish.

So, if you know you need a relatively large bit of dental work done, or you only need one dental implant to replace a missing tooth, in general you should plan for 2 visits to Marbella.  The first to get your dental implants surgically placed, and then in about 3 months to come back and have your crown or bridge placed over the top.  Of course, before making any plans it is imperative to stop by our clinic for a free thorough dental exam so we can tell you a more exact time frame.  Most people of course don’t mind visiting sunny Marbella a couple of times, and getting some excellent dentistry done at the same time.

Call us to arrange your free consultation on (+34) 952 814 444.