Immediate Replacement of Teeth with Dental Implants


A question we often get asked at R&H Clinica Dental is whether or not someone with teeth that are are painful or in need of extraction can be replaced with dental implants immediately? The so called ´snap on smile´?

Here´s a basic run down of when we can immediately load your implants (i.e. make straight away the crowns which go on over your implant), or whether we have to wait 3 or 4 months and then make the crowns.
First it depends on whether you have teeth that need to be extracted or not? If they are getting an extraction in a place where we have to place a dental implant, then we have to wait 3-4 months before we can make your crowns.  If, however, you´ve had a space there for a while and the bone is completely healed then usually that puts you in the running for getting your crowns made immediately.
All-on-four dental implants:
Secondly, we have to make sure that the remaining bone you have is of good quality and quantity.  This we can assess with a clinical examination, and also at our dental clinic because we are one of the few in Marbella with a 3D full facial x-ray machine, we can give you a definitive answer during your free consultation.
Thirdly, are your new teeth going to be in an aesthetic area? As in, will people notice if you have those spaces between your teeth or not? If so, and you passed the first two criteria stated above then we would consider either doing ‘immediate loading´of your implants, or make a temporary bridge, or partial plate while we wait.
If you don´t meet the first two criteria then we would make a temporary ´Maryland´ dental bridge, or sometimes a small removable denture to fill the space until your dental implant is strongly fused (or ‘osseointegrated´) with your jaw bone.
Maryland dental bridge, to fill the gap while you wait for your dental implant to heal and have it’s crown inserted over it:
To find out if you qualify for ‘immediately loaded dental implants’ book in to see us for a free examination.