What are the Benefits of Invisible Orthodontics, like Incognito or Invisalign?


At R&H Clinica Dental currently over half our orthodontic patients have chosen ‘Invisible’ Orthodontics, over Conventional Braces! Because our on-site Specialist Orthodontist is treating so many cases of Invisible Orthodontics that makes him the foremost expert to see in Marbella if you are considering getting invisible braces.

Incognito Invisible Orthodontics, Available at our Dental Clinic in Marbella:


So, what are the advantages of Invisible Orthodontics over Conventional Braces?

Well, obviously the major benefit is that you won’t have ‘train-tracks’ visible on your teeth! Given that orthodontic treatment can last on average between 1-2 years, that’s a significant time, aesthetically-speaking.  Although it’s not such a problem for kids, and in the school-yard, as so many kids have them these days, the majority of our adult patients are choosing invisible orthodontic options.

Incognito, Lingual (tongue-facing) Orthodontics:


A specific advantage of Invisalign is that because the orthodontic appliances are removable you can floss and brush your teeth much more easily, and there is a much lower chance of having decay on your teeth once we finish your orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign Orthodontics, Available at our Dental Clinic in Marbella


To learn more about our orthodontic options, especially Incognito & Invisalign, please check our Orthodontics Page Here.