Why Choose a Dental Clinic with a 3D X-Ray Machine? Part Two: Dental Implants


The most important phase in restoring a mouth using dental implants is the diagnosis and planning phase.  An incorrect diagnosis can lead to poorly positioned dental implants, potential loss of implants placed, as well as major safety issues, including permanent lip paralysis.


Most dental clinics have a 2D full mouth x-ray machine, and this will tell you the approximate size of the jaw bones, but it doesn’t tell you the thickness, or the 3D relationship of anatomical structures one to another.  A 3D full-facial x-ray machine solves all these problems, and ensures dental implants are placed in the optimal position to ensure the greatest longevity.3d-x-ray-dental-implants


Here are a few of the common problems that a 3D x-ray machine can solve when it comes to planning and treating a patient with dental implants:

1. With 3D x-rays you can know exactly where the lower jaw nerve is, thereby avoiding touching it and causing either temporary or permanent lip numbness.

2. For upper jaws, you can know exactly where the maxillary sinuses are, and know if you have to compliment dental implant surgery with sinus elevation surgery, to ensure long-term stability of your dental implants.

3. Many times in an upper jaw, it may appear that there is more bone that there actually is because of a ‘flabby ridge’, which is not actually the case when you surgically raise a flap, and discover it’s all soft tissue, and not the precious hard bone we need for dental implants.

4. Many of the boney structures we place dental implants in are curved.  If you place dental implant on the wrong part of the slope this can predispose that tooth to bone recession in that region, and cause eventual implant loss.  A 3D x-ray will ensure that you know exactly where the optimal area is to place a dental implant that will last!

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