People interested in doing dental implants in Marbella can request an appointment with full confidence in R&H Clínica Dental, since we host all the desirable factors for a total success in these procedures. We have dental specialists in implantology, we work with the outstanding titanium materials that produce prestigious manufacturers like Straumann dental implants and we have endowed our clinic with all the ideal resources to optimize the patient experience. Moreover, we are fully qualified to pay attention in English, which makes us a trusted center for many people from other countries residing in the Costa del Sol.

In our Implantology service in Marbella we seek to provide the patient with the most precision, taking advantage of the most valued systems at present. It also has a lot to do with the precision that our specialised diagnostic and measurement means offer. We are equipped to achieve the most bearable intervention possible and, above all, so that your new titanium dental implant is comfortable and durable. That's what it's about: replacing the functionality of the original part with the most natural feeling possible.

Top brands in dental implants in Marbella

What more advantages is it possible to benefit from R&H? Our dental clinic in Marbella is also characterized by the breadth of its offer of treatments, ranging from operations related to the usual pathologies in teeth and gums to the interventions more focused on the aesthetic aspect. If you are interested in entering an orthodontic treatment by the method that suits you or if you want to benefit from the effectiveness of a laser tooth whitening in Marbella, feel free to approach our facilities on Avenida Ricardo Soriano. You will be surprised by the aesthetics, comfort and quality of our equipments.