Yellow Front Teeth

Presenting appearance & background

This patient was not happy with both how small and yellow her front upper teeth were, and really wanted that 'Hollywood smile'.

Composite Filling Teeth

Planning phase

We did very careful planning to see what would be an ideal size and length to make the teeth, without affecting either her speech, or having an appearance that was not ideal. Here you can see we added a little composite filling material to see what the veneers would look like after, at this ideal gender specific length of 10.5mm for upper central teeth.

Veneer Preparations

Veneer preparations

We preformed a conservative preparation of the teeth, removing only 0.5mm of tooth tissue to create space for the veneers. Note the thin margins around the teeth, and the black you see in the gums is what is called a retraction cord that we place in the gums temporarily to pull them away allowing us to take a perfect impression to send off to the lab for making the veneers.

Beautiful Thin Veneers

Beautiful lab work

Beautiful thin veneers, with ideal translucency to allow some light to pass through allowing for a natural appearance.

Porcelain Veneers Big White Perfect Teeth

Final result

The patient got exactly what she wanted, which was big, white, perfect looking teeth. She plans on coming back soon to also do two more teeth on each side, behind her canines to complete the smile and make a fuller looking set, that is more harmonious going back.