Taking care of your child's teeth and mouth is an investment in their future well-being and those of their future families. If they form the right habits now, which includes regular preventative visits to their dentist, they will have fewer problems when they are older.

Baby teeth are not just there to help them eat when they are young. They also act as 'space maintainers' – helping keep the right spacings needed for their adult teeth to erupt into the right places. If you lose space due to large decay on a baby tooth, or a baby tooth that needs to be extracted before it's time, there is a much higher chance your child will need orthodontics during their teens, as more than likely, their teeth will not erupt into their ideal positions.

Space Maintainers

If your child does lose a tooth prematurely however, there are still options to help them. We can make 'space maintainers' which we cement on to their remaining teeth, and these help keep the spaces at the correct distances for their adult teeth to come into place correctly.

'Band and Loop' space maintainer: to keep the space open so that the adult tooth can have room to erupt into its proper position:

Space Maintainer Placing
Space Maintainer Placed


Orthodontics to help channel the childs natural facial bone growth to aid in a good future bite, as well as to correct the position of teeth that either aren't meeting well together, or look crooked and are hard to clean.

Teeth retainer


Professional sports mouthguards like those worn by professional athletes, to help prevent injuries to our childs teeth.