Are you interested in getting improving your smile with laser teeth whitening in Marbella? The advantages of this teeth whitening method have to do with its speed and the dramatic nature of the improvement.  At R&H Dental Clinic we have the equipment that allows us to provide all the efficacy of this method to improve the shade of your teeth quickly and safely.  We are highly-skilled in providing this service given that we are the leading cosmetic dental clinic in Marbella, and so you're always in hands of qualified dental professionals.

We also make it possible to combine the laser teeth whitening with a kit for domestic whitening application, in order to further enhance the laser teeth whitening results obtained. Everyone's teeth whiten, but the extent depends on your genetics and the nature of the staining.  To see how we can help you get whiter, better-looking teeth, book in for a free consultation.

Experience the benefits of laser teeth whitening in Marbella

Laser teeth whitening can sometimes be all that someone needs to sufficiently improve the appearance of their smile.  There is however a limit as to exactly how white your teeth can get, and so for those who want even whiter looking teeth, or who don't want to do future whitening 'top-ups' porcelain veneers in Marbella are a very popular choice too.

Our dental clinic in Marbella uses the Pola Office whitening system, which is internationally renowned, and in our experience is gentler and has less sensitivity than the Zoom whitening system, which we have also previously used. We have some of the best English speaking dentists in Marbella, who can help you achieve a whiter smile, as well as to explain your chances of short term sensitivity either with laser teeth whitening or home whitening.  But don't worry, all of our staff whiten their teeth using the same methods, so we assure you that any sensitivity is only very short term! We also wouldn't do this on our family and loved ones if we didn't stand behind the methods 100%.

Would you like to taking advantage of the possibilities available for laying porcelain veneers in Marbella? Our dental clinic offers you the conditions that allow you to enjoy all the desirable advantages in this regard. We offer the attention of a dentist expert in Marbella with affordable prices and unbeatable quality assurances. Please note that we have specialized personnel in the specific area of dental aesthetics and we work with materials of first quality. All of this allows us to provide accurate and tailored results to our patients needs.