Pain-free Dentistry Techniques

In addition to our sedation options we routinely take the following measures with every patient to abide by our philosophy of pain-free dentistry:

  • Concentrated numbing gel used to numb the mouth before each injection.
  • Slow injection technique & distraction techniques.
  • A numbing mouth-rinse used before all dental cleanings.
  • Desensitizing agents applied to teeth after crown preparations, and many more...

Apart from these techniques the other element that allows for a pain-free experience is that we don´t rush our patients, or set inflexible expectations of what has to be done during each appointment. For example, if a tooth that needs a root canal is aggravated and sensitive to touch on the day of your appointment, instead of pushing ahead and making you suffer, we´ll rather reappoint your visit and treat the tooth on a day when it´s able to be completely numbed and you can have a completely painless appointment. To really see the difference, the best way is to book an appointment and see how we approach you in person. We have great reputation in Marbella as nice caring people - as well as excellent dentists - and we hope to extend the same service to you and your family soon!

Oral Sedation

Free Oral Sedation

Many people suffer from dental anxiety and put off going to the dentist because they are afraid, or maybe they just heard about bad experiences their grandparents had before the advances of modern day dentistry. Whatever the reason, a very popular solution that many of our patients make the most of is our free oral sedation service.

How it works?

Before each appointment that you are feeling nervous, scared or anxious about just come in 20-30 minutes earlier than your scheduled visit, and while you´re relaxing in the waiting room we´ll give you a tablet that will start making you feel relaxed, less anxious, and a little sleepy. Then when you start your procedure you´ll not be so tense and nervous, and most people report having their best dental experiences to date!

If you´re interested in this free service be sure to discuss it with you dentist during your initial check up exam, so they can check your medical history to make sure you qualify, and then if you wish you can have every visit conducted under oral sedation.

Intravenous (I.V.) Sedation

For longer and more elaborate dental & surgical procedures some patients prefer to be completely sedated. Here we have a specialist anaesthesiologist come to our clinic, and create a hospital-grade surgical setting so that while you are asleep we can monitor all your vital signs for a safe and truly painless experience.

Unlike some other dental clinics that offer this service we do not charge anything extra for this service, and you will only have to pay the anaesthesiologists fee. If you are interested in this service please let us know during your initial consultation so we can let you know what the anaesthesiologists fees will be.