Indented Teeth

Presenting appearance & background

This patient is a fashion model from Paris living in Marbella who was concerned about the fact that her top right teeth were indented inwards, and she did not like the general appearance of her teeth after years of heavy fillings. Also the proportion of the teeth were far from ideal. Note how square and broad the lateral incisors are (the second teeth from the midline).

She was not aware of the underlying periodontal disease, nor the fact that her gum levels on some teeth were not ideal, which we treated with periodontal therapy, and crown lenghtening surgery, respectively.

Deep Cleaning

Appearance following periodontal therapy and minor crown lengthening surgery

After deep cleaning under anaesthetic by our resident periodontal specialist, Dr. Daemi. Note the gaps between her teeth where she had unnoticed bone loss and inflammation.

Emax Natural Color Tone

Final appearance following Emax crowns

Natural colour tone, beautiful contours, perfect proportions (notice the more slender, femine lateral incisors). Very natural looking teeth. Great translucency due to the Emax crowns, so that the teeth do not look fake, rather very healthy and natural.

Emax Perfect Gums

Final appearance following Emax crowns

Gum condition perfect, notice the light pink colour of the gums, and no more signs of inflammation (which appear bright red). Beautiful arch form, upper right teeth no longer indented or having that sunken in appearance. Patient was very pleased with the result.