Gaps Front Teeth

Presenting appearance & background

This patient always wanted to get rid of the gaps between his front teeth, and he also had what are known as 'peg laterals' (small teeth, second from the midline). He wanted a fuller, whiter smile, too.

Planning Phase

Planning phase

After a full arch wax up done, prior to to starting, we conducted a gender proportion tooth size analysis to get the correct proportions of height to width right.

Full Mouth Wax Up Wax-up Try In

Try-in of wax up in the mouth

We then took a mold of the wax up we were happy with and tried it in the patients mouth, so that with photos he could see if he would be happy with the final appearance of the teeth. Once he was completely satisfied we began with the veneer preparations.

Closed Gaps Front Teeth Closed Gaps Front Teeth

The final result

We closed all the gaps, the lateral incisors were at correct male proportions, and the teeth had a very natural, non-fake looking appearance. The patient was extremely happy with the end product.