Heavily Stained Teeth

Presenting appearance & background

Heavily stained teeth due to having taken an antibiotic called tetracycline when he was young. Wanted a white perfect smile, as well as to fill the gaps in his mouth both at the top and bottom.

Full Mouth Wax Up

Planning phase

Full-mouth wax up done, prior to touching the teeth. This appearance was tried in his mouth to assess aesthetics prior to beginning. Because of the heavy staining we opted to use Zirconium, because Emax would not have disguised completely the darker teeth.

Upper Arch Wax Up


Because he didn't have his lower back teeth for so long, the upper back teeth had dipped downwards, creating a flat, if not slighly reverse smile. This patient did not want to consider orthodontics to correct this, and was fine that his top back teeth would dip a little lower than we would have ideally wanted.

Zirconium White Core Zirconium Semi-Translucent

Material of choice – Zirconium (white core)

Semi-translucent type used, enough to cover all the staining. He will not have that ugly black line around the margin of his crowns ever as we did not use conventional metal ceramic.

Beautiful Lab Work

Laboratory phase

Beautiful lab work, fully-articulated following facebow registration for precision.

Well Proportioned Teeth

Final appearance (excluding lower implants which we had still to place the crowns over)

Beautiful white colour to match his white skin tone. Well-proportioned teeth, taking into account the desired more square-like appearance of male teeth. This client was extremely happy with the end result.