Failing Teeth Before Implants

Presenting appearance & background

This patient presented with a completely failing set of teeth, as well as advanced bone loss and gum problems and wished to have his entire mouth definitively restored.

After Implants

Planning Phase

Together we decided that the best approach was extract all the teeth in the mouth, placed dental implants, and on top of these placed fixed (non-removible) dentures (a full arch bridge), made out of metal and porcelain only (no plastic) for enhanced longevity and improve aesthetics.

Porcelain Teeth Overdentures Porcelain Teeth Porcelain Teeth

The final result

Note the beautiful appearance of all the porcelain teeth, and even the pink gum like material is made out of porcelain. This porcelain gum addition was necessary in his case because of the advanced bone loss sustained over the years.