Heavily Worn Down Teeth Heavily Worn Down Teeth

Presenting appearance & background

This patient presented with heavily worn down teeth, as well as having many missing. She wanted to restore her mouth in the most financially viable method possible.

Wax Up Correct Proportions Wax Up Correct Proportions

Planning phase

We begun by measuring and waxing up the teeth to the correct proportions, and trying these in the mouth to decide if they were right for her. We did a lot of work before cutting any teeth, to make sure we had a perfect plan to follow.

Prepared Teeth Prepared Teeth Prepared Teeth

Operative phase

We placed two dental implants for the missing area on her top right, and prepared the rest of her teeth for metal ceramic crowns and bridges.

Laboratory Metal Teeth Laboratory Metal Teeth

Laboratory phase

As price was a determining factor in her case we decided to use the cheaper metal ceramic option. Here we tried the metal foundations in first before adding the ceramic.

Metal Ceramic Crowns and Bridges

Final lab work

A beautiful full set of metal ceramic crowns and bridges were made, ready for insertion into the mouth.

Worn Down Teeth Restored Top Worn Down Teeth Restored Bottom Worn Down Teeth Restored

The final result

We restored the mouth with fixed crown & bridge, and the bottom with a removible denture, and built up her front lower teeth with composite white filling material only, for the most price economical option possible. She was very pleased with the final outcome.