Gum Disease

Presenting appearance & background

This patient presented with advanced periodontal disease (gum disease), and the prognosis of most of her top teeth were hopeless. She wanted a fixed (non-removable) solution as she was tired of her removable partial denture. Aesthetically she also wanted something uniform and better looking.

Surgical phase

After consulting with her about the different options available, we decided to make a fixed upper bridge, over implants. We had to regenerate a lot of lost bone to support these implants due to the destruction caused by the periodontal disease.

Before Implants
After Implants
Wax Try In

Wax try-in phase

At this stage we tried the fixed denture to assess aesthetics, but here you can see that she is showing a lot more gum on her left hand side than her right, something we had to correct before finishing the prosthesis.

Upper Arch Final Result

Final result

A full ceramic fixed denture (also known as a full arch bridge), where we used pink ceramic to disguise the huge amounts of lost bone. She was very pleased with the result, and plans to restore the lower arch similarly with us soon.