Specialist Work Done Only By Experienced Specialists

At R&H Clinica Dental we believe that anything other than general dentistry should be done only by a specialist with at least a Master's degree in the specialty field. For example, at R&H Clinica Dental you will not have your implants placed, or your orthodontics done, by just a general dentist, you will have an experienced specialist who has earned the title of 'specialist' through a Master's program.

No Cheap, Poorly Researched, Sub-standard Materials Used

At R&H Clinica Dental we don't use any cheap, poorly researched or imported materials. With the rise of cheap Chinese imported dental implants onto the market there is an increasing failure rate of implants. These implants haven't had years of clinical trials done on them, and although are up to 4-5 times cheaper for us to buy, we only use recognised brands that are scientifically proven to be the best and last a lifetime. The same applies to the materials we use for our fillings and all other treatments.

Evidenced-Based Dentistry

We don't experiment on your mouth or use a 'has worked okay for me up until now' philosophy. All our techniques are based on studies done in recognized scientific literature, and our dentists and specialists attend regular dental conferences to learn and apply the newest advances made in every field of dentistry.


Treat The Patient, Not Just The Tooth

At R&H Clinica Dental we recognize that many of our patients have had bad or scary experiences at a dentists office in the past. Dentistry has come a long way since those days of barbarism, and at R&H Clinica Dental we'd like to prove that to you. There's no point winning the battle with a tooth, but losing the confidence and trust of the patient in the process. So we take our time, and should a patient need it we have a range of sedation and relaxation options to offer.

Everyone Should Be Able To Afford To Visit The Dentist

It's hard to be of service to someone, if you can't see them; so we believe that dental care should be accessible to the whole public. We have a range of treatment options to meet every budget, as well as interest-free finance options. All our prices are locally very competitive, and given our commitment to excellent dentistry we guarantee that over the long run, you'll save money, time, and your dental well-being.

Community Service

To see a real change in habits, attitudes and behaviors resulting in excellent oral health, you need to educate and encourage these from a young age. At R&H Clinica Dental our dentists are asked to give regular dental prevention talks at the local school, as well as free monthly talks for the entire public. See our 'News' section to see when the next free public 'dental prevention' conference is.