Dr. Hami is the best dentist that I ever met. We have completed an extensive project together, including a bridge, veneers etc. He is a perfectionist and a very patient person. This clinic is going to be "my" clinic in the future. A trip from Finland to Marbella is not too long. Thank you R&H Clinica Dental. You have made me very happy!

Marita, Marbella visitor

Over the years, I have been to many dentists in my life. From South Africa across Europe - I can honestly say that I have never received such excellent service and attention. Dr. Hami Eghdamian is an outstanding dentist. (and very good with chatty, nervous patients!!). You can tell is genuinely interested in your well being. I am receiving his dental treatment according to the Free Conservative Dental Plan you receive on first free visit. While the prices have remained conservative indeed, the treatment is of the highest caliber! The ladies at reception are so lovely and welcoming and professional. I cannot recommend this dental clinic enough. And I'm one to get excited about dentists!

Elke, Marbella resident

My daughter and I received excellent service and the staff are warm and friendly. It is the only dentist who has managed to treat my daughter and help her overcome her fear of dentists. We've both got the healthiest and cleanest teeth to date. So a big thank you to all the staff.

Angela, Marbella resident

I was so pleased with my new bridge. The artistry was amazing, and I loved the attention to detail. They are a great bunch, and having the Irish connection, through Rebeca, made me feel right at home.

Julie Murphy

I got my gums treated by a gum specialist who really knew their stuff, and felt everything was well paced, so that when I got my implants I felt my mouth was in a great state. My mouth feels fresh now, and it's great having all the gaps in my teeth filled with a truly permanent solution.

Paul McEwan

You guys are the best dental clinic in Marbella. In the UK I would have paid three times as much for the same Straumann implants and they were done here perfectly!

Sandra Walsh

I just want to thank you all for your attention to detail, and for being so friendly and patient. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and family.

Stacey Phillips

The best dentists in Marbella. I'll be sending all my family from Ireland to see you!

Janet O'Sullivan

The clinic was amazing, and Rebeca really did a great job with my implants - painless, and they blend right into my mouth.

Anna Cromley

I've had lots of sets of dentures made in the past, but the new set I got at R&H I was thrilled with. They did things I've never seen before at other clinics, using all sorts of gadgets. In the past I'd go in, they'd take some moulds of my mouth, and give me my dentures. Here, although it took more appointments than other places, the final result was a real piece of art, and comfortable to wear. I know these ones will really last.

John Stevenson

I have just completed an extensive dental procedure in R&H Clinica Dental. This has to be the best dental practice in Marbella. Rebecca and Hami provide an excellent service. I got a realistic, practical, no nonsense assessment of all nesessery work. My implants, root canals, and improvements on original poor fillings were done during 2 short trips to Marbella. I have recommended this to my friends in Dublin. I am delighted with the out come. Many thanks to all in R&H. See you next year.

Norma Mac

They are the best dentists in Marbella, with the best dental clinic in Marbella - very impressive.

David Patterson

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