Is it a reputable Implant?

90% of the implants on the market are less than 5 years old and these are no long term longitudinal studies to prove how they cope with time.

Quality Dental Implants

Who is placing your Implant?

Although general dentists can place implants, it’s really a specialists treatment and should be placed by a ‘periodontal and implant specialist’. Not all implant surgeries are difficult, but if you have thin bone, or complications arise during your surgery you want to know that the surgeon placing your implant has placed 1000’s beforehand and has the wisdom to solve 100’s of problems similar to yours.

Dental Implant Specialist

Are you getting the Implant you paid for?

It’s important your surgeon gives you your ‘implant passport’. This is a manufacturers guarantee that the implant you paid for is an original product of that company. Some clinics claim to place a quality implant but because they appear similar on final x-rays, just put in a cheap, poorly-tested replica instead.

Dental Implant Passport

How We Do Implants Properly at R&H Clínica Dental

Dental Implants 3D Radiography

3D radiography prior to implant surgery, ensuring your implant is being placed in a safe zone and knowing about any boney defects before beginning.

Straumann Dental Implants

We use only titanium type 4 dental implants from Straumann (Swiss brand, arguably the world’s best implant), and Klockner (Spanish brand, 30 years of scientific research backing it up).

Periodontal and Implant Specialist

Your dental implant surgery will only be conducted by an experienced periodontal and implant specialist - the authorised specialist trained to place dental implants in even the most difficult cases.

The Art and Science of Dental Implants

When it comes to dental implants there’s the art and science of it all. The science has to do with excellent planning using the best tools technology has devised, namely 3D radiography; placing well-tested, proven quality dental implants; and an excellent and hygienic surgical set-up. The artistic aspect is less understood.

This really comes down to the skill of the dental implant surgeon in knowing where and at what angle to place the dental implant so that when the crown/s go on top of them, they have what’s called a beautiful 'emergence profile' - they don't look out of place, and people can't tell your implant restored teeth, from your natural teeth.

It looks as if the crown is beautifully and naturally emerging out of your gums, like a normal tooth. The art of dental implants also involves having the experience so that you never see the metal titanium or other black metals, which is especially important with people who show a lot of gum when they smile.

Examples of some mouths we’ve beautifully restored with dental implants

We place a lot of dental implants at R&H Dental Clinic in Marbella, from simple one tooth cases, to complex full mouth rehabilitations. To see some step-by-steps of our beautiful work, visit our Past Work page.