To detect and treat a small problem early on is much easier than waiting for the problem to grow, and will in the long run save time, money, and the your dental well-being. That's why at R&H Clinica Dental we emphasise the need for regular check-ups, excellent deep cleanings, fluoride treatments (especially for kids), and dental education and encouragement.

People have different rates at which their teeth decay. This is due to both habits, and genetics. It's important to find out what your decay rate is like, and the basic minimum for most people is to have a check up by their dentist every six months. However, if you have a slow decay rate, you may not need to have x-rays taken to see what's happening between your teeth every six months, for you it may be once a year or even once every two years.years.

Our scale and cleans are very thorough, and we are one of the only dental clinics in Marbella to use regularly a bicarbonate stain removal machine, which basically sandblasts thousands of tiny particles at a high pressure to your enamel surfaces and removes stains that normal cleanings, or even dental whitening can't remove.

Professional Fluoride Treatment to prevent decay

Fluoride Treatment

Professional Dental Scale and Polish to preserve oral health and a fresh mouth

Dental Scale